Tango classes in Dubai

Argentine tango is a partner dance that developed in Buenos Aires. It’s an interpretive, improvisational social dance that allows the dancers to develop a deep connection between themselves, the music and the environment.

There are several styles of Argentine tango: salon tango, tango stage, Val (waltz) and Milonga. Modern forms of tango such as tango Nuevo & Neo-tango have also emerged and are fast becoming popular in dance cafes and halls around the world.

Here are some benefits of our Tango classes in JLT:

  1. Promotes better posture. Your balance and posture will improve and you will become more aware of your body’s alignment.

  2. Sculpts and tones your body. The movement during the tango class will tone and firm muscles. It will also strengthen the heart and circulatory system and can even help you lose weight.

  3. Develop poise and body awareness. During the tango lesson, the movements will make you listen to your body and you partner’s. The movements are designed to develop poise and grace which are essential for a successful tango dancer.

  4. Relieve stress. Dancing tango and listening to tango music relaxes the mind. You will focus will be on each movement and the placement of your body in time to the music.

  5. Promotes creative expression and confidence. Tango is a form of artistic expression. You will interpret each movement in a unique way and so it becomes your own personal expression.

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